Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Paragliding Nepal


 Para Gliding the most popular area for this glide, being the popular tourist spot at Pokhara, the main paragliding area from Sarankot hill top which is about 40 minutes’ drive from Pokhara city valley, commanding views of 3 of the world’s 8000m peaks with friendly and constant conditions for your paragliding holiday.
A typical morning flight consists of:
Pick up 8am by jeep Signing of insurance and relative documents 20 minute drive to Sarangkot Equipment /
Weather checks
Flights start after 10am due to morning winds
Flights last 20 - 30 minutes
There are two main zones.
One to the North of Phewa Tal. And the other running along lakeside again beside Phewa Tal
Pack up and return to rendezvous point
Solo flights (you need to be qualified): can start as low a USD$65.
Tandem flights: can start as low a USD$85 for 30 minutes. However the average packages range between $85-$140 - There's a 30 minute flight and a 1 hour cross-country flight. Prices vary accordingly.
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