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Kathmandu Cultural Homestay

Kathmandu Cultural Homestay

Kathmandu, the capital, is the political, commercial and cultural hub of Nepal. Kathmandu is an exotic and fascinating showcase of a very rich culture, art and tradition. The valley, roughly an oval bowl, is encircled by a range of green terraced hills and dotted by compact clusters of red tiled-roofed houses. A remarkable legend says that the valley was once covered by a lake until the Bodhisattva Manjushri raised his sword of wisdom and sliced a passage through the mountain walls, draining the water and creating the first settlements.
The valley embraces most of Nepal's ethnic groups, but Newars are the indigenous inhabitants and the creators of the valley's splendid civilization. Kathmandu Valley is composed of seven Monumental Zones with three historical palaces within their essential urban settings (Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur), two Hindu centres (Pashupatinath and Changu Narayan ), and two Buddhist centres (Swayambunath and Boudhanath ).
The city of Kathmandu is a melting pot for the nation's population, not only today but also in times past, which probably explains the rich cultural heritage of the city. Kathmandu with its unique architectural heritage, palaces, temples and courtyards has inspired many writers, artists, and poets, both foreign and Nepalese. It boasts a unique symbiosis of Hinduism, Buddhism and Tantrism in its culture, which is still as alive today as it was hundreds of years ago. The religious influence can be openly seen in the city. Most of the principal monuments are in Durbar Square , the social, religious and urban focal point of the city, built between the 12th and the 18th centuries by the ancient Malla kings of Nepal.

Price Just USD 266 for seven days per person

This is a homestay package and quite flexible to make longer or shorter on your personal choice. Here are some important place where you will stay at closest homestay and will study the Kathmandu in detail with high importance.

Day 01

Pashupatinath visit: Pashupati has an extensive Hindu temple precinct. Pashupatinath, 5 km north-east of Kathmandu Valley, is one of the most important Hindu temples. It is Nepal's most sacred Hindu shrines and one of the subcontinent's greatest Shiva sites, a sprawling collection of temples, ashrams, images and inscriptions raised over the centuries along the banks of the sacred Bagmati river.The unique tiered temples are mostly made of fired brick with mud mortar and timber structures. The roofs are covered with small overlapping terracotta tiles, with gilded brass ornamentation. The windows, doorways and roof struts have rich decorative carvings. You can enjoy to see playing and interacting with monkey. You will also visit its sorrounding including Jay Bageswari Temple. 

Budhanilakantha visit: After Visiting Pashupatinath, you will go further to see the temple of Budhanilakantha located at Narayanthan, Kathmandu to see another unique expression of Hindu Temple.

Vipassana Center: It is another buddhist meditation center located at the corner of jungle. You can observe the beauty of the jungle and see the cultural and artistic expression there. Remember visiting inside there is subject to approval of administration while visiting there.

Day 02

Swayambhunath visit: Swayambhu includes the oldest Buddhist monument (a stupa) in the Valley. The stupas have simple but powerful forms with massive, whitewashed hemispheres supporting gilded cubes with the all-seeing eternal Buddha eyes. You will see here a cultural and ancient artistic expression of both Buddhist and Hindu. Visit the jungle and its sorrounding with the very beautiful play with monkey.

White Gumba: This is a study centre of Buddhist. It is located at very beautiful scenery place from where you can view Kathmandu at a glance. It is another artistic expression with beautiful design. Remember you can visit sorrounding of this place but inside visit is subject to approval with administration when you visiting there.

After visiting there you will visit local Gumbas including Gumba lies at Hallchouk Height. Overnight stay at Homestay.

Day 03 

Bouddhanath Visit: Bauddhanath includes the largest stupa in Nepal. The stupas have simple but powerful forms with massive, whitewashed hemispheres supporting gilded cubes.

Kapan Visit : The Kapan visit comprises of visiting Kapan Monastery and white Gumba of Kapan. You will see the very artistic expression and rich Buddhist cultural expression.
After visiting these places, you will visit various places Near Kapan. Overnight stay at Homestay in Kapan.

Day 04

Changu Narayan comprises traditional Newari settlement, and a Hindu temple complex with one of the earliest inscriptions in the Valley from the fifth century AD. The unique tiered temples are mostly made of fired brick with mud mortar and timber structures. The roofs are covered with small overlapping terracotta tiles, with gilded brass ornamentation. The windows, doorways and roof struts have rich decorative carvings. 

Big Shiva Temple Sanga: It is another attraction of visit where the largest temple of Shiva lies. It is located at very beautiful scenery place of hill view.

Shyama Shyam Dham Thimi: It is a satsang center of Hindu located at Thimi Bhaktapur. You will visit there and can catch snap of local tradition. Overnight stay at Changu Narayan Homestay.

Day 05 

Bhaktapur Darbar Square: Bhaktapur (Bhadgaon) is situated at an altitude of 1,401 m. Shaped liked a conch-shell, Bhaktapur means the 'city of devotees. It is a world heritage site listed by UNESCO where you can find buildings and structures with intricate ornamentation displaying outstanding craftsmanship in brick, stone, timber and bronze that are some of the most highly developed in the world. In the darbar square you will find various temple

Day 06 

Patan Darbar Square: Patan, just across the holy Bagmati River about 14 km east of Kathmandu city, is a fabulous city of great historic and cultural interest. The three main courtyards in the palace are Mul Chok, Sundari Chok and Keshav Narayan Chok. Besides these courtyards, the complex boasts impressive temples, religious shrines, and historical places, all noted for their exquisite carvings and beautiful display of ancient Newari architecture. You will see there Krishna Mandir, Viswanath Temple, Taleju Bhawani Temple.

Mahabouddha Temple at Patan Lalitpur. You will have short visit here.

Here is another important place to visit which is Zawlakhel Zoo, Central Zoo of Nepal. Enjoy the boating inside the zoo premises.
Day 07 

Kathmandu Darbar Square: Kathmandu's Durbar Square is the site of the Hanuman Dhoka Palace Complex, which was the royal Nepalese residence until the 19th century and where important ceremonies, such as the coronation of the Nepalese monarch, took place. The palace is decorated with elaborately-carved wooden windows and panels and houses the King Tribhuwan Memorial Museum and the Mahendra Museum. It is possible to visit the state rooms inside the palace.
At the southern end of Durbar Square is one of the most curious attractions in Nepal, the Kumari Chok. This gilded cage contains the Raj Kumari, a girl chosen through an ancient and mystical selection process to become the human incarnation of the Hindu mother goddess, Durga. She is worshiped during religious festivals and makes public appearances at other times for a fee paid to her guards.

After visiting this you will enjoy visiting Dharahara, Narayanhiti Palace Museaum, Ranipokhari, Newroad city and sorroundings. Overnight stay at homestay. 

Service includes
Public Transportation
All local meals with unlimited tea and coffee and available the best accommodation in the closest homestay
All Required Entry Fee
Guide & photographer  fee.
Service does not include
Alcoholic beverages , bottle mineral water, soft drinks and snack foods
Extra cost on natural disaster
Extra night hotel in Kathmandu
Any personal medical or evacuation expenses incur and strongly recommend international Travel insurance which included
Other than what are included
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